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Glossary of Terms - H

Glossary of Terms - H

To better understand some of the industry terms and technical language used during the process of borrowing money for real estate purchases, search our glossary index. You will be talking the talk with one of our mortgage professionals in no time! If you still have questions, contact us.

Hazard Insurance

Insurance protection against damage to a property from fire, windstorms, and other common hazards.

Homeowner's Insurance

An insurance policy that covers the dwelling and its contents in case of fire or wind damage, theft, liability for property damage and personal liability.

Your Home Loan Toolkit

This is a resource revised by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to help make the mortgage process more understandable. It is a consumer-friendly booklet to help you think about, apply for and close on a mortgage.

HUD-1 Form

See Real Estate Settlement Statement.

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